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Artist’s Bio

The mixed media artwork of Delve Withrington erases the lines traditionally drawn between fine art and the practice of graphic design. Withrington combines his unique painting techniques and somewhat unconventional materials with graphical, sometimes iconic, imagery. The exact subject of many of his pieces is often deliberately elusive—only hinting at a possible meaning—so that viewers are encouraged to fill in the blanks for themselves, creating their own personal experience.

Born in 1970, in Asheville, North Carolina, Delve Withrington displayed much creative talent throughout his childhood. Withrington later attended The Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia on a scholarship based on winning several awards in high school level art competitions. Over the past decade Withrington’s work has been exhibited in Boston, Providence, Miami, Oakland, and San Francisco, and Berlin, Germany in several group and solo shows.

Withrington often creates entire series of original works based on a single concept. His most recent art series, Eucalyptus, is related to a font of the same name, which he concurrently developed. Each piece in the series focuses closely on a letterform from the typeface. Rotating and cropping inside the letters, a level of abstraction is reached, revealing new compositions within the familiar forms. With the Eucalyptus series, Withrington offers a unique new perspective on relationships between the positive and negative spaces in the alphabet we use everyday.

Discussing his philosophy of art, Withrington says, “My work is not intended to be political or social in nature but is instead based on my own personal experiences, thoughts, and dreams.” When asked about the use of found objects in his work, he replies, “Sometimes I come across an object that resembles something from my dreams or my subconscious made real. This has, in some instances, inspired an entire composition. At other times the object simply adds a sense of mystery and spontaneity.”

Withrington also often adds another level of depth to his work by creating codes and numerical patterns. Regarding these he says, “I create these codes, patterns, and symbol systems mostly for my own amusement but I hope it will also give viewers a more enjoyable experience via the process of discovery.” Withrington’s methods are always evolving to accommodate using different materials but he typically uses acrylic paints, inks, pencils, pastels, fabrics and found objects.

Should you have any questions regarding artwork by Delve Withrington or if you would like to commission new work, contact the artist directly.