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Artist’s Statement

The Eucalyptus Project · 1999-2001

This series of sculptures was begun in conjunction with a typeface that I’ve been developing. At first, the forms that appear in the sculpture series may seem obscure, unfamiliar, and unconnected. Patient inspection will reveal that the compositions consist of fragmented letters and numbers. Each sculpture in this series investigates a specific letterform in the typeface, finding new forms within them and offering a new perspective on the relationship between positive and negative spaces in the characters from our everyday alphabet.

Texture plays an important role. By employing exaggerated surfaces, the viewer is guided beyond the typical printed letterform. Dramatic materials and colors are used to create tension within each piece. The largest letterform extends beyond the boundary to give a sense that the piece is a part of something larger. Perhaps with this realization a balance is struck and an uneasy harmony is achieved.

Each piece has contributed to the development of my technique. My methods are always evolving to accommodate different materials and to maintain the integrity of the image. Typically, I use pencils, acrylics, pastels, inks, fabrics and found objects. Sometimes I come across an object that resembles something from my dreams or my subconscious made real. This has, in some instances, inspired an entire composition. At other times, the object simply adds a sense of mystery to a spontaneous creation.

The subject matter changes from piece to piece, and is not intended to be political or social in nature. I draw from my own personal experiences, thoughts and dreams. The majority of my work is somewhat thematically dark and I can offer no explanation–it just is. I often add another level of depth by creating codes and numerical patterns. This is mostly for my own amusement, but I hope it will also give you, the viewer, a more enjoyable experience via the process of discovery.

You can see works from the Eucalyptus series here on this website. If you have any questions regarding my work, email me, I would be happy to talk with you.